Fire Officer, Second Edition

Fire Officer In Action

Chapter 9: Leading the Fire Company

Your company responds to a serious car accident with multiple injuries. Two of the three occupants perish from their injuries. The third occupant, an infant, is airlifted to the nearest trauma facility and is not expected to live. Your company takes the incident very hard as several members of your company have children of their own. On the way back to the station everyone is very quiet and there is not much discussion for the rest of the afternoon.

1: Because fire stations are like second homes, what are the best ways to deal with issues that may arise on or after stressful incidents so they do not become issues that affect the mood and bond of the crew?
Not bringing them up is the best way, talking about things that have obviously bothered the crew is just another way to add tension
The shift should make the decision. Everyone has different ways of dealing with stress and the crew being a tight-knit group should respect that some individuals will want to talk about the incident while others will not
By being forced to talk about the issues in a roundtable-like discussion
Ignoring the issues if they are brought up
2: What is one of two general house rules that should be followed around the station?
Don't jeopardize public trust
It's okay to horseplay after the chief leaves
Give people space
Do everything as a group
3: The fire officer works in a dynamic environment with changing conditions. What is one of the two challenges that fire officers deal with today?
Dealing with the chief
Fire station as a work location
Personal strength
4: What is one consideration that a volunteer fire officer must think about?
Volunteers are unmotivated
Personal and family issues often affect volunteer availability
Personnel expect more
Personnel are not as well trained
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